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"Szabolcs Csörge's photographs display the never-seen, the hiding. Those details of the architecture - confuting Heisenberg - that doesn't show the whole. What's more, they make new structures, independent from the whole - which is not true but it looks that way. They are substantive structures: Szabolcs invent these - or I have to say, he creates them by cropping segments from the whole architecture. […] When viewing Szabolcs Csörge's photographs, the discovery is not where they were taken, but how they stand together as a complete whole. I might say, that behind the second nature - the nature created by men -, Szabolcs Csörge smuggled the third, created nature. It has a sound of its own. It's worth to view these images in silence and we will hear their music. "

- Recommendation by Péter Rózsa, editor in chief, FUGA Architectural Center Radio


Csörge Szabolcs JózsefABOUT ME

I am Szabolcs József Csörge, born in 1981, in Budapest, Hungary.

Despite the early ambitions and experiments with film cameras during my childhood, photography only came back in focus in the last decade - and since then, I try to make up the time I've missed.

Though I often explore different kinds of photography from portraiture to macro, my favourite area is architectural, minimal and abstract photography. My intention is to grab what is interesting, rather than introducing what is nice. You'll find two different galleries in this topic: Architecture contains single photos, while Postcards from the Danube bank introduces the Hungarian Parliament in a few clicks. Instead of displaying all photos taken in the last decade, I have hand-picked those that are prefer emotionally: that is why this homepage comes with the title 'selected photographs'.

Please keep in mind that photos presented on this site are under copyright. If you have questions about re-publishing or purchasing, please feel free to contact me.

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I would like to thank the editors and juries who found my works noteworthy to mention and display in or at:


Panasonic Lumix Awards (competition), finals, 2008

Panasonic Lumix Awards (exhibition), 2008

Felsőoktatási műhely (magazine), 2009

Battre Bilder (book), 2011

FUGA Architecture Center Radio (competition), 1st place, 2012

FUGA Architecture Center Radio (radio interview), 2012

Hungarian Architecture - Photography and architecture special edition (magazine), 2013

"Fény-tér-képek" (individual exhibition, on display between 13th June and 1st September), 2013

and countless websites...

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