Architecturals by Szabolcs Jozsef Csorge
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Szabolcs Jozsef Csorge

Szabolcs József Csörge,
architectural photographer

"Szabolcs Csörge's images display the never-seen, the hiding. Those details of the architecture - confuting Heisenberg - that won't show the whole. What's more, they make new structures, independent from the whole - which isn't true but it looks like that. They are substantive structures: Szabolcs invent these - or I have to say, he creates them by cropping segments from the whole architecture. When viewing Szabolcs Csörge's photographs, the discovery is not where they were taken, but how they stand together as a complete whole. I might say, that behind the second nature - the nature created by men -, Szabolcs Csörge smuggled the third, created nature. It has a sound of its own. It's worth to view these images in silence and we will hear their own voice."

- Recommendation by Péter Rózsa

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